Summer Preaching Series

There’s still time to summit suggestions for the summer series. Here’s what on the docket for now.

01 July
Scripture: Romans 13:1-7
Luke 20:19-26
Sermon: Give Honor and Respect
Given topic: Honor, integrity, and honesty
segueing into military and the Bible

08 July
Scripture: Isaiah 43:1-2
John 14:1-7
Sermon: A Place for You
Topic: Where do we go when we die?
What happens to us until Christ’s return?

15 July
Scripture: Daniel 6:1-24
Sermon: Be a Daniel
Topic: Being a Daniel. How do we live a
godly life in a secular world?
See also: Daniel 1:6-7; 1:8-16

22 July
Pastor’s Vacation
Guest Speaker: Becky Blocksom

29 July
Scripture: Isaiah 49:5-7
John 10:7-18
Sermon: Holy Catholic Church?
Topic: Why do we affirm that we are part
of the holy catholic church in the Apostles’
Creed when we are not Catholic?

05 August
Scripture: Judges 6:11-27
Mark 4:35-41
Sermon: Grain Into Wine
Topic: How do we live courageous lives?
What does that look like?