Seeking Full Time Family Minister

Anyone who is interested, please submit a resume to the church office. (Also currently on Any questions, please call the office at 419-673-7278 or email

Family Minister Job Description

Full time

Position Summary

This person should have a dynamic personality that exhibits both a sincere love of Jesus Christ and a genuine desire to serve God through music and worship.  The family minister will partner with the Senior Pastor to provide spiritual guidance and leadership to the members of St. John’s Evangelical Church. The main focus will be in building a contemporary service and the faith development of the younger members of the church and the community including the involvement of the families. This person will have a solid understanding of the foundations of the Christian faith and have a strong desire to build a contemporary service and to nurture young people in Christian values. This person will possess strong organizational and interpersonal communication skills and be self-motivated to fulfill the responsibilities of this position without constant oversight.


  1. Create and implement a Contemporary service.
  2. Create and implement effective faith formation opportunities for the youth of the church and community, including Elementary, Middle and High school aged youth. These opportunities include; Sunday school instruction, Kids Church sermons, Confirmation instruction, Service projects, Lock-ins and/or other group building events, Vacation bible school and Wednesday night kids ministry.
  3. Recruit and maintain a group of volunteers to assist with the activities.
  4. Work with audio visual department to create and implement social media efforts to support and promote the church’s activities.
  5. Meet periodically with other youth ministers in the area to coordinate community youth events and participate in the planning and directing of such events.
  6. Attend worship regularly.
  7. Work closely with Senior Pastor, Christian Education, and worship, arts and music, committees.
  8. Provide monthly reports to church council and a year-end report for the congregation.
  9. Attend workshops and personal growth conferences to stay informed on new and effective ways to grow and develop the youth in the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  10. Adhere to the budget approved by St. John’s Congregation at the annual meeting.
  11. Create and implement methods for ongoing check-in and interactions with parents.

Working Conditions:

   The position of family minister requires great flexibility of hours, including days, evenings and week-ends on a full-time basis.  The position is on a salary basis that is approved by St. John’s Congregation at their Annual Meeting. 

   In addition, the family minister will…

  1. Will work with Senior Pastor on a regular basis to discuss ideas, plans, and schedules.
  2. Notify the Senior Pastor prior to all unforeseen and untimely absences from regularly scheduled events, and provide a suitable substitute when necessary and applicable
  3. Receive permission from the Senior Pastor regarding all continuing education.
  4. Successfully pass a background check before being hired.
  5. Understand the need for occasional travel outside Hardin County.
  6. Have the possibility of occasional exposure to blood, bodily fluids, and tissue.
  7. Experience frequent requirements to stand, walk, stoop, kneel, and crouch.
  8. Have the occasional requirement to lift and carry up to a maximum of 50 pounds.

Essential Qualifications:

  1. Strong organizational, administrative, and written and verbal communication skills.
  2. Self-Starter, Creative and able to work independently as well as with the church ministry team.
  3. Knowledge of Microsoft office suite and social media.


  1. The Senior Pastor will supervise the work of the Family Minister
  2. The Family Minister will be evaluated three (3) months after employment by a member of the Personnel Committee and the Senior Pastor. After the first evaluation, the evaluation process will align with an established annual schedule.
  3. The Family Minister will be required to write measurable goals each year the correspond with the Church’s Vision. The goals will be shared with the Senior Pastor for approval and be used to measure the performance of the Family Minister during their annual review.