Preaching Series December

For December, we are going to stay with the classic themes given to us in the Ad- vent wreath: Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love, which will lead us to the Light of Christ- mas, Jesus Christ our Lord. No matter how many times I hear the story and think about it, I stand in awe of what God does for us. For our sin, He could have banished us to Hell. He could have demanded our righteousness. He could have even deemed it necessary for us to suffer in Purgatory for our cleansing before joining Him in Heaven.

Instead, the Father takes the radical course that only a God who is Love could—He gives His only Son to live a perfect life in our stead. He becomes the atoning sacrifice for our sin. By His Holy Spirit, He brings the gifts of Heaven to us. He gives us a hope that does not disappoint, a peace that blesses us, a joy that stands through the storms of life, and a life that overflows our hearts and reaches out to others. And He does it through His beloved Son. The Father gives what is most precious to Him in exchange for us.

This Christmas, may our focus be on God and God alone that our celebrations may be God-inspired, Bible-borne, and Christ- centered, so that we may truly receive what the Father has intended for us and that we may share that with a world who needs to hear the Good News and see it in action through the lives of God’s people.

01 December First Sunday of Advent: Hope


Romans 13:11-14

Matthew 24:36-44

08 December Second Sunday of Advent: Peace


Romans 15:4-13

Matthew 1:18-25

Sermon: Stand Reconciled

15 December Third Sunday of Advent: Joy

James 5:7-10

Matthew 11:2-11

Sermon: Stand with Joy

22 December Fourth Sunday of Advent: Love


Romans 1:1-7

Matthew 1:18-25

Sermon: Stand Loved

24 December Christmas Eve: the Light of Christ 


Hebrews 1:1-12

John 1:1-14

Sermon: Stand in the Light