Community Prayer Walk, Music, Food & Fellowship

Prayer Walk

On Sunday, August 29, we will participate in a day focusing on prayer, especially for our students and school staff, as they return for another school year. You can participate in one or all of the following activities. We are starting with a Prayer Walk, organized by KNAZ (Kenton Nazarene Church). If participating, meet at Kenton Elementary School at 3:00 pm, then moving to Kenton High School at 3:20, and at Kenton Middle School at 3:40 pm.

Night of Worship

We will continue with a time of prayer and song at 4:00 here at St. John’s with both hymns (Cinda Shea) and contemporary songs (KNAZ). We will all then go to the fellowship hall for a carry in meal & time of fellowship. A food sign-up sheet is in the back of the sanctuary for the carry in to try to have a variety of food options. It will be a great time for our community to work together! Hope to see you there!