Upcoming Worship September

In September, we come to the closer passages in the Gospel of Matthew. We move from the shame and the sorrow of the Cross to the joy of the Resurrection. We move from the rooster’s crow reminding us of our sin and denial of Christ as our Lord to crowing that we are saints saved by grace and Christ is our Savior, Lord, and Friend.

In these passages, we see that we are not passive ob- servers to the unfolding of biblical history. The disciples moved quickly from students of the Rabbi to leaders of the early Church. Likewise, we need people to move from people setting in pews to being actively engaged in the ministry of the Church to fulfilling the Great Commission, which is for all believers to go and do.

As we emerge from socially-distanced existence and begin a new chapter of St. John’s history, we need people who want to make disciples and to teach others to observe all that Jesus commanded (Matthew 28:19-20).

This is our time to rise and crow about all that Jesus has done for us and continues to do in this world. The story that unfolds in Matthew is our story. It is a time of suffering and loss and death, but it is also a time of renewal and gain and resurrection for those who believe—for those who truly believe— and dare to follow Christ’s path, way, and commands in this age!

06 September—Communion returns!!!

Scripture: Hebrews 5:5-10
Matthew 27:45-56
Sermon: Suffering and Submission

13 September
Scripture: Daniel 6:16-18
Matthew 27:57-66
Sermon: Laid Low and Still

20 September
Scripture: Daniel 6:16-18
Matthew 28:1-15
Sermon: This is OUR Truth!

27 September
Scripture: Acts 1:1-11
Matthew 28:16-20
Sermon: This is OUR Mission!

As of now 04 October-01 November are open dates, and I am soliciting suggestions for those five Sundays. In November, we will have our stewardship Sundays, Thanks- giving/Christ the King Sunday, and the first Sunday of Advent. We will close the year celebrating Advent and Christmas together.

For the open Sundays, feel free to share scriptures or themes that you would like to see lifted up in the sermon. If you want to pose questions, that is fine too, and I will at- tempt to answer from a biblical perspective.

I always enjoy these seasons where I am re- sponding to the congregation. It feels like you are a greater part of the sermon and wor- ship. As we move forward, we all need to participate in shaping worship so that Christ may be glorified and His people may be drawn closer to the heart of the Father as led

by the Holy Spirit.—

Pastor Randall