Summer Bible Study

Summer Bible Study 2018

Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM 

Samson’s Story—No Moral Needed

Session Scripture Lesson

  1.          6/20    Judges 13:1-7 A (Good?)
  2.          6/27    Judges 13:8-25 The Spirit Stirs
  3.          7/11     Judges 14:1-9 A First Love
  4.          7/25    Judges 14:10-20 The Impossible Riddle
  5.          8/01    Judges 15:1-8 Love Lost
  6.          8/08   Judges 15:9-20 An Unclean Weapon
  7.          8/15    Judges 16:1-22 Samson and Delilah
  8.          8/22   Judges 16:23-31 A Final Deed
  9.          8/29    Hebrews 11:1-3; 32-40

Commended Through Faith
This summer, our Bible Study will focus on the life of one of the judges of Israel, Samson. It’s a story many people think they know, but we will examine what the Bible says. This year, there will be renewed interest in Samson as a popular movie about him will be coming out this year. In the church, many encountered Samson through Sunday School or Bible School lessons, but his story—like much of the book of Judges—really is not for children—it is as they say on TV intended for a mature audience. Also, a lot of the lessons that are imparted to kids just are not there in the text. They may be implied, but the Bible does not share many teachings from Samson’s life, especially in Judges 14-16, which we will discuss.
Please come and participate. See how this story instructs our faith, and what is says for
us in the church today.