St. John’s Women’s Ministry

Food for Thought from St. John’s Women’s Ministry leaders to ALL women who attend/belong to St. John’s

1. We prepare and serve several banquets throughout the year. The profits are how special projects are often accomplished:
-Pew cushions, repair/painting walls in church addition, fellowship hall tables, etc.

2. The same 10 to 15 people cannot always do the “work”. Just like all of you we lead full lives. Some are retired, some of us work outside of the home, some have children, some participate in other church activities, yet we still believe volunteering our time is the Right thing to do.

3. So we are asking the rest of the people of St. John’s (and by people we are including women, men, high school youth) to step up and help out a bit more.

4. Helping doesn’t always mean all day. Lots of different “jobs” (cook, serve, cleanup, bake).

5. Contact us & say YES when you see a banquet is scheduled or see a sign-up sheet. Don’t
wait to be asked. It is easier for 1 of you to call/talk to us than for us to call/ask and try to find enough help.

Thanks for “listening”

As Paul Harvey used to say “Now You Know The Rest of the Story”

Future Dates:

Wednesday June 6th evening Banquet