Sing (Play) for Your Supper

I’ve heard it said that the world needs more music.

I’ve also heard it said that our church needs more potlucks.

So, we’re combining the two!

Come enjoy the perfect pair of music and food on February 24 at 4:00 PM.

We’ll have a sharing of musical talent with a potluck following.

We need people of any age to share their talent. We especially encourage the young people of St. Johns to share, but of course it’s not limited to the young. This is open to soloists, duets and groups. In addition to vocal selections, any instrument is welcome…not only those we’ve used in our worship services (band students pay attention!) This should be a CASUAL and FUN time in the life of the church.

You are welcome to share more than one selection, so be creative. It was considered that this be a love concert being, in the Valentine month, but that’s not necessary. If your selections have a love theme, (love for Christ, the church, each other), that’s fine. If not, you’re sharing your love of music and we’re grateful for that.

If interested, please contact the church office.
We need to know how many will be participating.
Plus we will need certain info from you beforehand for the program.

If you won’t be participating in the concert time, please come to support those who are willing to share.

Hope to see you there!