Preaching Series June & July

When the pastor is away, the congregation will play. Isn’t that the old saying. Perhaps, the original saying had some- thing to do with a cat and mice. Still, I hope it does not apply here.

In June, I will lead my final service here before surgery, which has more to do with exposing our congregation to a different (for us currently) Communion service. As always, I want to provoke you to think while encouraging you to explore our faith more deeply. Hopefully, as I have mentioned at different times on Sunday mornings, some of you may wish to discover possible worship formats for upcoming services.

I pray that you will use my time away to do that. Please encourage our speakers and worship leaders. Have thoughtful conversations with one another. For me, please pray diligently that I may return to at least preach June 25th.

However long my absence may be, be faithful in service, support one another, commit to constructively build the ministry of this church, and be present in worship.

04 June
Scripture Acts 1:12-26
John 21:20-25
Message The End Is Never The End

11 June
Scripture Acts 12:1-19
Acts 21:1-14
Message You Don’t Always Get
What You Want

18 June Pastor’s Recovery

25 June Pastor’s Recovery

02 July Pastor hopes to return
Scripture Galatians 5:16-26
(our freedom!)
Galatians 6:1-10
(our responsibility!)
Message Our Freedom in Christ

09 July
Scripture I Thessalonians 2:17-3:5
Luke 10:38-42
Message Glad to Be Home

16 July
Scripture II Samuel 6:1-15
Luke 7:21-23
Message Mortify Our Pride

23 July
Scripture II Samuel 6:16-
Mark 6:21-29
Message I Just Wanna Dance

30 July
Scripture Genesis 50:22-26
Mark 15:42-47
Message This Bag of Bones
See also Hebrews 11:22;
Exodus 13:19;
Joshua 24:32;
Matthew 28:10;
John 19:6