Mission Trip


While the mission trip to Guatemala has been canceled, ministry has continued. A family along the Tracks outside of Guatemala City will receive a new home. Pray for Pastor Walter and the local church as they continue to minister in that area. They have a school attached to their church and seek to create opportunities for a new generation as they build up personal and economic opportunities for the local populace.

My family used some funds that were going to be used on the trip to bless a pastor in Ar- gentina. Pastor Telmo in turn used that gift to feed members of his church and local community. In other words, by not going, two communities in the world were blessed, and our church family was able to share the Gospel where they are located.

Members of our mission team still desire to serve. If you have any ideas or suggestions for what we could do here in Hardin County as a project, please contact the church or me. We want to serve, and we want to reach out. We want to have an impact that blesses a family or portion of our communi- ty.

Some of the caregiving ministries in our community are suffering from fatigue. We may not be able to bless them all, but we can do something. Please pray that we find a place to serve. If you can, please join us in that work also.

Thanks again for all of your support. It’s been a wild ride at times, but God brought us to a good place. I’m looking forward to see where our missions program goes in the future. I am sure that God has something wonderful and amazing in store for us as we serve in this world!

Pastor RandallT