Adult Christian Education Summit

On April 29, we are bringing together Life Group leaders, Adult Sunday School teachers, and everyone interested in Adult Christian Education for a time of conversation, preparation, and celebration. Anyone in the church who is interested in this topic may attend. We will begin at 6 PM and conclude by 7:30 PM.

Our agenda will begin with these three points:

1. Life Groups–how to keep them vital going forward.
I will also affirm the 3 points that make for a vital life group—study of the Word, fellowship,
and ministry/service together.

2. Bible Study–keep the summer schedule? add another time?

3. Alternative options–6-week classes/small groups in the fall and spring? Other options on mornings?

This is being called a summit because what we discuss may not lead to immediate changes. For one, things are going well now. For another, changes may require leadership and guidance, which would further require someone to step forward and “seize the moment.”

Feel free to come and see what is being done, what is possible, and how you can contribute to the teaching life of the church as God inspires His people to grow deeper in faith.