Preaching Series August 2021

Preaching Series

In the first few weeks of August, we complete the summer series where members of our church and community provide scriptures and topics for the worship and sermons.

Starting 22 August, there will be a sermon series on the characteristics of a healthy and vibrant church according the Bible, which will lead us into our times of re- membering the saints who have gone to be with the Lord, stewardship, and thanksgiving. The calendar year will end with the start of a new church year, which begins 28 November with the first Sunday of Advent. Advent and Christmas will carry to the end of 2021.

For the series on the biblical characteristics of the church, I will be borrowing heavily from Natural Church Development (NCD). NCD bills itself as “A Guide to Eight Essential Qualities of Healthy Churches.” These qualities are not only biblical but have been tested in studies for nearly thirty years on every continent. In all those years, the only modification is to take one characteristic, gift-based ministry, and to emphasize two parts of it: 1) service, and 2) stewardship. Otherwise each characteristic still stands as originally conceptualized.

Please pray over these scriptures and top- ics as God speaks into the church here at St. John’s by His Word and by the Holy Spirit.

01 August
Numbers 23:18-24
Titus 1:5-16
Sermon Above Reproach

08 August Nick Coulson
Romans 9:1-13
Acts 16:25-34
Sermon What Would You Suffer?

15 August Heather Erwin Scripture
John 14:1-14
Sermon Almost Home

Creating a Healthy Church sermon series 22 August
Ephesians 5:22-33
Luke 22:24-30
(key verse: 26!!!)
Sermon Those Who Stayed

29 August
Revelation 4:9-11
John 4:19-24
Sermon Truthful and Spirit-filled Worship
Inspiring Worship