Youth Group

Sunshine bags were delivered via porch drop off to 40 Youth. There was a few that I got to speak to while delivering and it was so good to see them. I have been keeping contact with the ones that I can. Some are doing well and others are really struggling with their school work so please continue to pray for them during this time.

I switched things up for online lessons and made my own lesson with Adobe Spark. This way we had a lot more feedback. The plan is to continue making lessons and reaching out here and there with them.

Camp Cotubic has been cancelled for this Summer. They do plan to try a virtual camp. Going to stay in contact to see what this will look like in case any of the Youth will be interested.

Hardin County Collective honored our Seniors on May 17th with a drive by parade. We are also doing positive gossip for them through email. So any emails that are received will be made into a book and added in with their senior gift that will be presented to them that day. We have been having HCC meetings over Zoom and right now everything else is at a stand still, our summer camp is planned for June but with everyone’s concerns about distance issues we’re all thinking this may not be doable. Christa Quail mentioned a virtual camp that we could offer but this will have to be done separately in our own churches due to a 10 person limit. Things change day by day so all we can do is Pray and have trust in Him.

Parents, you can’t do this alone. You need other adults to help you love and influence your youth. One thing we try to do for your family is to connect your youth with adults who love them and who can be trusted. If you haven’t met some of the adults who invest in your youth at church, this month is a great month to meet them!