Youth Group

We are the St. John’s Youth Group.

We are focused on helping students from any background take the next step in their journey toward Christ.


Middle School Youth Group is for any youth in grades 6th-8th
Each week, we have ‘family’ time together on Wednesday night from 5:50-6:05pm. Everyone comes together for a few minutes to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, sing a few songs and laugh together. This is a bit unorganized but the kids are liking it. Soon, I will be asking the middle schoolers to mingle with the littler kids!!!!

Middle School Leaders: Michelle Becker, Carol Ledley, Eric Gossard and Dillon Rall

High School Youth Group is for any youth in grades 9th-12th

All meetings are held in the youth room and include a meal, games, fellowship, and a Bible lesson.

Sunday School
All students in grades 6th-12th meet for Sunday School each Sunday morning from 9:30-10:30 AM  in the youth room located in the basement of the church. Join us for doughnuts, prayer, good discussions, and a Bible lesson.

Christian fellowship is so important, as it gives you the opportunity to build relationships that will carry over into all areas of your life, providing you with a Christian support system that will build you up and point you towards Christ.

From movie nights, to pizza parties, overnighters to Christian concerts; you will find yourself feeling loved and accepted as you find your place in the St. John’s family.