Youth Group

We are the St. John’s Youth Group.

We are focused on helping students from any background take the next step in their journey toward Christ.

High School & Middle School Sunday School will resume on Sunday, August 4.

Have a great summer!

Wednesday Nights we have started in our new bible study, Enjoy the silence. It’s a 30 day experiment in listening to God. We read scripture and discuss the meaning. Then they are to write in their journals about what the scripture meant to them. I believe that Scripture speaks to everyone differently; it’s what you need at that time. I feel this is going to be some-thing a little difficult for them to understand. God needs us to pray for our Youth! We need to come together and fight for them, pray that they find that emptiness that their missing. If they would just let God into their hearts and listen to Him, oh what wonderful things are to come?

Sunday School is still meeting each Sunday between the services. Heather Erwin and Michelle Becker have been teaching the class. They are still in the bible study of Revelations.

HCC Youth