St. John’s Youth

Hey parents! We’re about to begin a special two-week Easter series, so here’s what you need to know…. 

Here are a few things coming up in our ministry . . .

Hardin County Collective will meet next month on May 2nd at Christian Missionary Alliance Church. We are so excited to get this group back together. I ask for prayers that God continues to lead us and that the Youth learn more of Gods love.

What we’re Teaching this month…

Easter is the day we celebrate Jesus rising from the dead, but let’s be honest — that’s not always easy to believe. How does someone just stop being dead? Are we sure it happened? What if it didn’t? And if it did, so what? What does it have to do with our lives today? Well, it turns out we’re not the only ones who’ve asked questions like this. When Jesus died, even His closest friends and followers had questions, fears, and doubts. In this 2-week series, we’ll see how Jesus shared the good news with His friends that He really was alive, and that nothing (not even death) could separate them from God’s love — not ever. The same is true for us today and forever. Because the love of Je- sus is bigger than our doubts and gives us hope.

Tip of the Month

Take a few minutes this week to find a quiet place to yourself. Once you’re there, talk to God about what the resur- rection of Jesus means to you — and what questions you still have. God can handle it. Here’s a song for you to listen to and think about while you pray. (O come to the alter, Elevation Worship)

Resource of the Month

This Easter, are you hoping to make spending time with God more of a priority at home? Check out these illustrated journals — there’s one for each book of the Bible, and they’re perfect for your teenager or for you! (found on Ama- zon, ESV Illuminated Scripture Journal: New Testament Set)

Question on the Month

We’re wondering . . . How does your family celebrate Easter?

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Thank you for supporting the Youth during our Easter Flower Sale. We really appreciate the continued support. God Bless you all!

Youth Summer Camp- Camp Cotubic

Camp dates will be July 4-5 (5-7th grade) and June 27-July 2 (8-12th grade) If anyone is interested, please see Michele Sherman.

Camp Cotubic

Confirmation Class Interest

Anyone interested in participating in a confirmation class in the fall please contact the church office or Michele Sherman.