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Greetings St. John’s Family,

Welcome to December! I hope you are all staying warm. I want to give all of you a little background for those of you who don’t make it here on Wednesday nights on the huge MISSION/OUTREACH that we are providing here on a weekly basis at St. John’s.

I just want to say Praise the Lord!! We are bringing in 70-80 kids per week K-8th grade here at St. John’s! I don’t know if many of you know but here at St. John’s Evangelical Church in Kenton, Ohio, we have a huge children’s and youth ministry OUTREACH program. Every Wednesday night at our church, we are touching the lives of many children K-12th grade with the help of many wonderful volunteers! Around 70-80 kids join us at our church every Wednesday night September through April. Miss Jane takes the bus out on 3 different routes in the evening rounding up Children along with her bus rider volunteers Terry and Susan Hord and LeVern Weaver and Mary Ralston. When the children arrive we pray in with Pastor Randall then head on up to the fellowship hall where we are greeted by the wonderful kitchen staff who prepares a wonderful hot meal prepared weekly for the kids! Thank-you so much kitchen staff! (Kay, Cheryl, Kim, Bob, Becky, Shane, To-ni, Jerry, Patty, and Janet). The kitchen staff serves the Children dinner. The children sit at tables with adult volunteers leading the tables (Nancy, Kathy, Jo Ann, Carol, Monica, Kay, Mykaela, Alisha, Hope, Linda). They head off to complete a Bible lesson with some wonderful teachers (Kristi, Donovan, Alisha, Cinda, Jo Ann, Shane, Kay, Mykaela. Also stepping in when needed Carol, Autum, Hope.) Then they go have fun in some games. Some children stay and sing bible songs with Miss Hope and Miss Linda in choir. We touch the lives of so many children each week for 2 hours a week. It’s such a blessing to be able to spread God’s unconditional love.

Why is Children and Youth ministry so important?

Children need to feel God’s love.

Children’s ministry may be the only time a kid truly gets to experience God’s unconditional love, not only God’s love but love in general. It’s so important to raise up children that know their worth in Christ and know that they are loved.

Children need to feel God’s love. Children’s ministry may be the only time a kid truly gets to experience God’s unconditional love. It’s so important to raise up a generation of children that know their worth in Christ and know that they are loved. We don’t know the background of each child we meet, but we get to make an impact on them just by loving them.

There are so many reasons children’s ministry is important but even more so we need to remember how much of a gift and a blessing children are. This ministry is important but it’s also worth it. Be a part of the children’s ministry at our church and see how much of an impact you are making on the children and yourself. It is an incredible blessing to see the children grow and to get to love them and lead them in this season of their life.

Children are a gift from the Lord, they are a reward from him.” (Psalm 127:3). Children are a gift and as a kids ministry leader, I get to see how much of a blessing they are every week. I see their pure hearts, them singing sweet songs to Jesus, their little hands raised high, and Jesus’ love that shines through them to their friends and leaders.

Children are important to Jesus. “But Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.'” (Matthew 19:14). It’s made so evident throughout the whole bible that children are important to Jesus which means they should be important to us, too! As Christians, we know to show people Jesus’ love, but it is so important to also share that unconditional love with children. In children’s ministry, we get the opportunity to love these sweet kids every week.

Children need a firm foundation. “Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.” (Proverbs 22:6). The time we spend with children at a young age impacts the rest of their lives because the things that are instilled as a child won’t be forgotten when they are older. Kids ministry at St. John’s Evangelical Church allows us to pour these core values into children while they are still growing so that when they grow older they will know these values. As we teach them bible verses to remember, they are able to recall those later in life in times of trouble.

I love this Children and Youth outreach Program with all my heart here at St. John’s and hope it continues on way into the future for our future generations to learn the love of Christ. This wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful, amazing VOLUNTEERS! Thank you!!

God Bless this Program!

Trish Wilcox

St. John’s Nursery

St. John’s welcomes your child into our staffed Nursery while you are at St. John’s for a worship service or while you are becoming a part of our faith family. We ensure quality care in a safe and loving environment. We invite children, birth to age 3 to our child-friendly Nursery.

Your child’s safety is our first priority.

Kids Sunday School 

 Sunday School is with Miss Hope PK-1st and Miss Dyer 2nd-5th grade every Sunday between services from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM.

Disciple Me Program (Wednesday Night Kids Program) 5:15 -7:15 PM

The program will resume on September 25

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