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Hello! St. John’s family! I hope you all are doing well during this crazy and unknown time. I have been praying for our church, all of the families in our church, and all of the church leaders. I think Prayer is so important! Here are some ideas on how to pray for your children:

Do you pray for your children?

God has given us our children on loan for us to raise in his image. It’s almost impossible to do that without praying for them. Here are some ideas for you to try:

Pray that they will increase in the knowledge of God – Most parents’ greatest hope for their children is that they will be happy, but a fulfilled life comes from knowing God. Without God, there is a nagging emptiness. Lots of people know about God, but knowing Him personally is different. We all know a lot about our nation’s President, but only a few know him personally.

Pray that they live a worthy life – Pray that their lives have an impact for good and that they will be people of trustworthy character.

Pray that they’re strengthened in God’s power – The world and evil influences will seek to pull our children down. They need God’s power to be strong, resist temptation, and do the right thing.

Thank God for each child – They are unique creations of God.

On the last week of April I prepared some blessing bags for 60 children which were 40 families. Miss Hope helped me put these bags together. Amanda Dyer donated several boxes of crayons, bubbles, and chalk. I pur- chased the rest needed from Wednesday kids’ account. We loaded these bags with several crossword puzzles, word searches, coloring pages along with bible stories. A box of crayons, a bubble wand, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, food including boxed macaroni and cheese, peanut butter crackers, microwave popcorn, chips, candy, and bottled water. I sent a Vacation bible school flyer out in these bags along with a letter of where they should look in case of postponement or cancellation of VBS. On May 1, 2020, Jane drove the bus to 32 kids homes along with Mary and I, I drove to 6 country locations and Hope delivered to 2 homes for me. It was so awesome seeing all of the kids, although I wanted to hug them all and couldn’t. We dropped on doorsteps and left. We did get to see lots of smiling faces. This was all such a blessing to so many!!!

I have been posting lessons for little kids on my St. John’s Children’s Ministry page. You are all invited to come take a peak at our page. Natasha and Hope have also been posting some Sunday school lessons to the page. Miss Kristi and Miss Alisha are done with lessons due to Wednesday kids program ending for the year. I have had a lot of feedback on this page. I have had several people call and verbally tell me to please keep this page going, that it is uplifting and inspiring. I will continue to put devotions or lessons on while the church is shut down. I encourage you all to come take a look at my page.

At the beginning of May, I boxed up all the Easter stuff that I had ordered for the community Easter egg hunt. I stored all of the items for next year. If we do have an egg hunt next year, the only thing that would need to be purchased is candy. I am so sad that we had to cancel. I do have some hope that we will be able to have the Easter egg hunt next year.

When the church opens back up, I’m assuming we are not going to be opening up Sunday school/Jr. church right away, therefore I will keep my lessons going online. I will be making up some “Busy KID friendly bags”? I will put a few items in a ziplock bag and your children can grab one at the door of the Sanctuary coming in to be seated for church. The children will just take these bags home with them so that only they well be touching them. Hopefully this will help in keeping the children busy during church. A busy bag might include: 3 crayons, color sheet with bible story, maybe could coordinate with sermon, cross word or word search bible related, and maybe fruit snack.

I hope you all have had a blessed month and hope you all are doing well. We miss you all and we sure do miss coming to church. I Hope we get to see all of you in June. Take care and God bless!


St. John’s Nursery

St. John’s welcomes your child into our staffed Nursery while you are at St. John’s for a worship service or while you are becoming a part of our faith family. We ensure quality care in a safe and loving environment. We invite children, birth to age 3 to our child-friendly Nursery.

Your child’s safety is our first priority.

Kids Sunday School 

No in-person Sunday School at this time. Please continue to watch videos on our Facebook St. John’s Children’s Ministry page

Disciple Me Program (Wednesday Night Kids Program) 5:15 -7:15 PM
Resumes: September 23


Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School 2019