Mission Trip

Guatemala Mission Trip—July 25-August 1 2020

How YOU can help…

  1. Bake Sale: November 24 in the church lobby
  2. Chicken & Noodle Luncheon: December 15 from
    10:30 am—1 pm in the church fellowship hall.
  3. Bake Sale: December 22 in the church lobby
  4. Taste of Italy Dinner: February 15 at 6 pm in the Fellowship Hall. Presale
    tickets only
  5. Garage Sale & Food Trucks: April 4 ($10/table or spot)
  6. M&M (Mission Money) or Pill Bottles—fill with quarters or any type of bills
    or checks—All donations are appreciated. These are now free and are located
    at the Welcome desk or church office.
  7. Donate Spare Change and Place in our Change for a Change Water Jugs
    (currently located at Welcome Desk in lobby)
  8. Pray for our team members: Jane Donnelly, Angel Forester, Augustin Forester, Kathy Forester, Randall Forester, Jay Garmon, Alisha Kapanka, Anna LaWarre, Abigail Penhorwood, Dexter Penhorwood, Shawn Penhorwood, Mary Ralston, Becky Rish, and LeVern Weaver.

Guatemala Mission Team Shirts on Sale: The mission team is selling shirts with various styles and colors available. You may also sponsor a shirt to go to Guatemala or to be given to our Youth Group members for $20. Last day to order is Sunday, November 3. Shirts are local made and designed by Custom Torso in Kenton. All proceeds will go to the mission team. Thank you for your continued support.

Trip Cost per person Airfare: $1000 approx. Ground Costs: $500

Construction cost of home: $6,000-$8000 (depending on size of family)

Total Cost Per Person: $2,000 estimated

The balance of the Home Construction cost not raised will be divided between team members. If you know of anyone that is willing to help out in any way, please contact the church office or one of the mission team members.

Thank you for your continued Support!