Mission Trip

Guatemala Mission Trip—July 25-August 1 2020

How YOU can help…

  1. M&M (Mission Money) or Pill Bottles—fill with quarters or any type of bills or checks—All donations are appreciated
  2. Donate Spare Change and Place in our Change for a Change Water Jugs (currently located at Welcome Desk in lobby & back of Sanctuary)
  3. All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfast—September 15 from 9:30-10:30 am in the fel lowship hall between services. Come out for Breakfast!
  4. Charlie’s Kettle Corn Fundraiser—Starting pre-sale week after Hardin County Fair and will be selling on Saturday, September 28 in front of Sherwin Williams. Watch for more information.
  5. Fuelmart Community Cause Rewards Fundraiser—Month of October. If you use Fuelmart, please pick up a key tag at the church to use for the month of October. They sent us 40 tags so they will be limited to the first 40 people who will use them. The mission team will earn 5 pints for every dollar spent on select merchandise and 1 point for each gallon of gasoline and diesel fuel. Every 1000 points = $10.
  6. Selling snacks and drinks at the Women’s Conference on Saturday, November 2.We may be asking for donations of goodies to sell that evening.
  7. Pray for our team members: Jane Donnelly, Angel Forester, Augustin Forester, Kathy Forester, Randall Forester, Jay Garmon, Shane Harkenrider, Alisha Kapanka, Anna LaWarre, Abigail Penhorwood, Shawn Penhorwood, Mary Ralston, Becky Rish, and LeVern Weaver.

It is not too late to join! Contact the church office if interested.

Trip Cost per person Airfare: $1000 approx. Ground Costs: $500

Construction cost of home: $6,000-$8000 (depending on size of family)

Total Cost Per Person: $2,000 estimated

The balance of the Home Construction cost not raised will be divided between team members. If you know of anyone that is willing to help out in any way, please contact the church office or one of the mission team members.

Thank you for your continued Support!