Library Book List

page 1 BIBLES
American Bible Society 2 Good Newa Bible
American Bible Society Good News New Testament
American Bible Society 10 Todays English Bersion – New Testament
Central Publishing House Altar Service
Concordia Publishing House The Holy Bible for Children
Guideposts The Daily Bible – New International Version
Heirloom Heirloom Family Bible
Melton 27 Revised Standard Version
Melton King James Version – Deluxe Ecition
Nelson King James Version
Nelson 5 Revised Standard Version
New International Version Couples Devotional Bible
New International Version The Daily Bible
Readers Diigest 3 Condensed From the Revised Standard Version
Readers Digest Index to te Reader’s Digest Bible
Serendipity 8 Bible for Groups
Tyndale The Living Bible – Paraphrased – Large Print
Tyndale The Living Bible – Paraphrased
Tyndale The Living Bible
Tyndale Students Life Application Bible/ New Living Translation
Zondervan 2 New International Version
Zondervan 2 The Student Bible – New International Version
Zondervan Couples Bible
The World Publishing  Co. 2 Sympathy Bibles – King James
American Bible Society 4 NEW TESTAMENTS
American Bible Society 11 Good News New Testament  in today’s English Version
American Bible Society Good News New Testament  in today’s English Version with Psalms
American Bible Society Stand in the Gap New Testament
American Bible Society Luke & Acts
Christianity Today Inc. -Publisher The New Testament in Four Versions
The Gideons International New Testament and Psalms
Grace The Gift – New Testament
Grace What If It’s True? – New Testament
John Hager Ministries The Book of Psalms
King James Version New Testament and Psalms
King James Version New Testament presented by the United States Air Force
Moffitt, James The New Translation of the New Testament
New International Version The Bible on Cassette – New Testament
New International Version 2 The Great News
New International Version Women of Faith – New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs
New Living Translation The New Testament on CD – A Dramatic 30 Days to a New You
The New Living Translation Abundant Life New Testament
Oxford Cambridge The New English Bible
Tyndale 2 God’s Plan – New Testament
Tyndale The Promise Bible – new Testament,Psalms and Proverbs
Weatherhead, Leslie D. The Busy Man’s Old Testament
Thomas Nelson Inc., Publisher Promised Land
                                         ST. JOHNS EVANGELICAL LIBRARY BOOKS
The New Testament Ocala
Abingdon Press The Interpreters One Volume Bible Commentary
Abingdon Press The Interpreters Bible – 12 Volume Set
Akroyd, Peter R. and others The Major Prophets
Alcorn, Randy Heaven (DVD & Study Guide)
Alexander, David S. The Old Testament in Living Color
Alexander, David S. The New Testament in Living Pictures
Alexander, David & Pat – Editors Eardmans’ Handbook to  the Bible
Alexander, David & Robin Keeley Pictorial Guide to the Bible
Alexander, George M. The Handbook of Biblical Personalities
Alexander, Pat – Editor Eardmans’  Family Encyclopedia of the Bible
A Lion Book The Lion Encyclopedia of the Bible
American Bible Society The Psalms for Modern Man
American Bible Society 4 Strength From The Scriptures
Amwad, Sami The Holy Land in Color
Anderson, Berngard W. Understanding the Old Testament
Anderson, Hugh and Others Wisdom, Literature and poetry
Ankerberg, John & John Weldon The Facts on Jehovah’s Witnesses
Ankerberg, John & John Weldon The Facts on The Mormon Church
Bainton, Roland H. Behold the Christ
Barclay, William The Master’s Men
Barker, William P. Everyone In the Bible
Bardlay, William the Acts of the Apostles
Bardlay, William The Revelation of John – Volume 1
Bardlay, William thte Letters of John and Jude
Bardlay, William the Letter to the Hebrews
Bardlay, William the Letters to the Corinthians
Bardlay, William the Letter to the Romans
Bardlay, William the Letters to the Philippians, Colossians, and Thessalonians
Bardlay, William the Letters to the Galations and Ephesians
Bardlay, William the Letters to Timothy, Titus and Philemon
Bardlay, William the Gospel of Mathew – Vol 1
Bardlay, William the Gospel of Mathew – Vol 2
Bardlay, William the Gospel of Mark
Bardlay, William the Gospel of Luke
Bardlay, William the Gospel of John – Vol 1
Bardlay, William the Gospel of John – Vol 2
Berquist, Maurice David’s Song
Bevere, John The Bait of Satan (Workbookk)
Bruce, F.F. The Books and the Parchments
Buck, Pearls The Bible Story
Burrows, Millar The Dead Sea Scrolls
Central Publishing House Volumes 1-12 The Interpreters Bible
Chase, Mary Ellen Life and Language in the Old Testament
Christopher, J. Clif 4 Not Your Parents Offering Plate
Contemporary Concepts 2 Lift Up Thine Eyes
Cornfield, Gaalah Archaeology of the Bible: Book By Book
Deen, Edith All the Women of the Bible
Dowley, Tim Eerdman’s Handbood to the History of Christianity
Emmaus The Pilgrim’s Continued Journey
Enslin, Morton Scott Reapproching Paul
Ferm, Vergilius, Ph. D. Pictorial History of Protestism
Foster, David – Editor Jerusalem
Frank, Harry Thomas Discovering the Biblical World
Graded Press Paul Box Set
     Miller, J. Michael       His World
     Wineler, Douglas E.       His Life
     Jackson, Jerald H.       His Message About God in Christ
     Black, C. Clifton  II       His Message About Faith and Grace
     Gallaway, Ira & Sally       His Messge About Human Relationships
     Colaw, Emerson S.       His Message About the Church
     Mercer, Jerry L.       His Message About the Future
Graham, Billy Evangelistic Association The International Inductive Study of the New Testament
Grant, Michael The Hisory of Ancient Israel
Grant, Michael Jesus, An Historian’s Review of the Gospels
Hamilton, Adam 2 CD – 24 Hours That Changed the World
Hamilton, Adam 24 Hours That Changed the World
Hinckley, Karen C. Story of Stories
Hughes, Gerald & Stephen Travis Introducing the Bible
Hurlbut, Jesse Lyman, D.D. Hurlbut’s Story of the Bible
Johnson, Sherman E., PH.D Harper’s New Testament Commentary-The Gospel According to St. Mark
Jordan, Clarence Sermon on the Mount
Dalas, J. Ellsworth The Thirteen Apostles
Keller, Phillip A Shepherds Looks at Psalm 23
Kennedy, D. James What If the Bible Had Never Been Written
Knopf, Carl Sumner, Ph.D. The Old Testament Speaks
Kortrey, Walter People Around Jesus
Kraft, Charles F. The Minor Prophets and the Apocrypha
Laymon, Charles M. – Editor Old Testament History
Lee, Humphrey The Life of Christ
Lockyer, Herbert Their Finest Hour – Bible People
Long, J. Stephan 5 The Complete Book of Bible Trivia
Lucado, Max Life Lessons – Book of Psalms
Lucado, Max      Book of Acts
Lucado, Max      Book of Ephesians
Lucado, Max      Book of Hebrews
Lucado, Max      Book of Luke
Lucado, Max      Book of Mark
Lucado, Max 2      Book of Psalms
Lucado, Max      Books of Ezra & Nehemiah
Lucado, Max       Books of 1 & 2 Timothy
Marius, Richard Martin Luther, The Christian Between God and Death
Martin, Patricia Summerlin Beautiful Bible Stories
Martin, William C.,M.A.,B.D. The Layman’s Bible Encyclopedia
Marty, Martin E. Pilgrims in Their Own Land
Maus, Cynthia Pearl The  Old Testament and the Fine Arts
McGrath, Alister In the Beginning – The Story of the King James Bible
McMillion Company The One Volume Bible Commentary
Miller, S. Madeleine &  J. Lane Harper’s Bible Dictionary
Moore, Beth Beloved Disciple (The Life and Ministry of John)
Moore, Beth Jesus, the One and Only
Morton, H.V. In the Steps of the Master
Morton, H.V./Rene’ Burri In Search of the Holy Land
Moyers, Bill Genesis: A living Conversation
National Geographic Everyday Life in Bible Times
National Geographic Great Religions of the World
Neil, William The Bible Story
Nelson, Thomas & Sons The New Testament Octapla
Owen, David M. Sounds of the Psalms
Peale, Norman Vincent Bible Stories
Pelikan, Jaroslav Jesus Through the Centuries
Peloubet, F.N. The Everyday Bible Dictionary
Peterson, Hugh R. The Study of the Gospel of Mark
Pinxon, William The Word Topical Bible of Issues and Answers
Pitcher, Arhtur R. Memories of Peter
Pollock, John The Master, A Life of Jesus
Publications International, Ltd. Jesus: His Life and Times
Quanbeck, Warren A. and others Revelation and the General Epistles
Reader’s Digest Ass., Inc Atlas of the Bible – New Testament
Reader’s Digest Ass., Inc Complete Guide to the Bible
Reader’s Digest Ass., Inc Family Guide to the Bible
Reader’s Digest Ass., Inc Great People of the Bible and How They Lived
Reader’s Digest Ass., Inc Jesus and His Times
Reader’s Digest Ass., Inc Who’s Who in the Bible
Ryrie, Charles C. Everyman ‘s Bible Cmmintary – Revelations
Schlink, Basilea Mary, The Mother of Jesus
Schmidt, Wayne Lead On
Sharman, H. B. Records of the Life of Jesus
Silberman, Neil Asher Digging for God & Country
Smith, Asburg The Twelve Christ Chose
Sprague, Ruth L. People of the Old Testament
Staack, Hagen Living Personalities of the Old Testament
Strobel, Lee The Case for Christ
Strong, James LL.D.S.T.D. The Strongest Strongs ExhaustiveConcordance of the Bible
Stubblefield, Jerry M. Serving in Church Visitation
Swindoll, Charles R. Changing Wanderers into Worshipers
Swindoll, Charles R. Living Bible Study Guides
Swindoll, Charles R.      A Family Album
Swindoll, Charles R.      New Hope for Life’s Challenges
Swindoll, Charles R.      Practical Christianity
Swindoll, Charles R.      Steadfast Christianity
Swindoll, Charles R. David
Swindoll, Charles R. Elijah
Swindoll, Charles R. Esther
Swindoll, Charles R. Joseph
Swindoll, Charles R. Moses
Tenney, Merrill C. – Editor Handy Dictinary of the Bible
Thomas, Pastor Scott CD – Soul Ties
United Church Press Historical Atlas of the United Church of Christ
Vander Laan, Ray & Stephen Vol. 3  Faith Lessons on the Life & Ministry of the Messiah
          and Amanda Sorenson Vol. 4  Faith Lessons on the Death & Resurrection of the Messiah
Veerman,David R., M.Div. and others 101 Questions Children Ask About the God
Veerman,David R., M.Div. and others 102 Queastions Children Ask About the Bible
Veerman,David R.,M. Div. and others 103 Questions Children Ask About Right and Wrong
Veerman,David R.,M.Div. and others 104 Questions Children Ask About Heaven & Angels
Velde, Frances Vander Women of the Bible
Wallis, Charles L. Holy Holy Land
Wassil, Aly The Wisdom of Christ
Weber, Robert E. 5 Worship Is A Verb
Wilmington, H.L. Book of Bible Lists
Wm. B. Erdman Publishing Co. The New Bible Dictionary – 1962
Yperen, Jin Van Making Peace